About Us

Russil Wvong


I'm a software developer in Vancouver who's concerned about (a) high rents and (b) the insane cost of owning, in both Metro Vancouver and the GTA.

The maddening thing about the Canadian housing crunch is that Canada is not running out of land. We have a mismatch between jobs and housing: there's places like Metro Vancouver and the GTA, where there's plenty of jobs but we're too slow at building new housing, and then there's places like Calgary where there's plenty of housing but it's harder to find a job.

I'm a member of the federal Liberals, and the riding chair for Vancouver Kingsway. At the provincial level, I'm a swing voter.

At the municipal level, I'm a single-issue voter: I'll support anyone who's a consistent Yes vote on more housing, and oppose anyone who's a consistent No vote.

Consistent Yes votes:

  • Mayor Kennedy Stewart (independent)
  • Christine Boyle (OneCity)
  • Lisa Dominato (former NPA)
  • Melissa De Genova (NPA)

Consistent No votes:

  • Colleen Hardwick (TEAM, former NPA)
  • Jean Swanson (COPE)
  • Adriane Carr (Green)

Swing votes:

  • Sarah Kirby-Yung (former NPA)
  • Rebecca Bligh (former NPA)
  • Michael Wiebe (Green)
  • Pete Fry (Green)

I don't work for the development industry. My wife and I live in a townhouse, which we bought in 2001. We do not own any other real estate.

I'm active on Reddit - I expect a lot of my posts here will be based on what I've written on Reddit. I also have an infrequently-updated personal blog.

You can contact me at russilwvong@gmail.com.